20 Rare Indian Baby Girl and Baby Boy Names Inspired by Love – Check Names and Exact Meanings

Author: Yuvi February 2, 2023 20 Rare Indian Baby Girl and Baby Boy Names Inspired by Love - Check Names and Exact Meanings

It’s the season of love. Valentine’s week is just around the corner, ending with Valentine’s Day. But the celebration is not only romantic love but also pure emotion in different forms. While everyone seems to have a spring under their feet, if you are a new parent or soon-to-be parent, your heart should be filled with deep love. In the journey of parenthood, one of the first steps people take is to find a suitable name for their child. Naming a child is something every parent takes seriously because our names become an extension of our personality. So, if you’re still looking for names, why not pick one that’s inspired by love or inspired by love, just like your baby? Let’s take a look at 20 Indian names – 10 names for boys and 10 names for girls – that are inspired by the spirit of love.

10 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Love and Meaning

1) Aarad: Deep ecstatic love; worship

2) Anurag: Love; affection; Devotion; connection

3) Bhavian: One who is loving, kind and generous

4) Mohan: A name for Krishna, the bewitcher of all

5) Mo: Love; world debt; infatuation

6) Hrudaya: It means love

7) Lavyansh: Handsome, impressive

8) Ishtabreet: Love of God

9) Pavit: Love; A pious, handsome boy/man

10) Navpreet: New Love, New Affection

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10 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Love and Meaning

1) Aisha: One who lives a life of love and prosperity

2) Sahna: Love; Famous

3) Hedway: Love; well wisher

4) Pranaya: born as a leader; It represents life and love

5) Preethi: Kindness, mercy, love

6) Prema: Loving, Affectionate

7) Rithima: Spring of Love; Full of love

8) Swagathika: Love; welcome

9) Inter: Awake; love

10) Krishika: Loving and compassionate

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