Stars Dress

Sidharth who once starred in a film called A Gentleman was one IRL at an award show recently

And Margot Robbie was saved from a wardrobe malfunction by Tarzan co star Alexander Skarsgaard

Lets not forget the time Nick held an umbrella on the Cannes red carpet so Priyankas tulle dress would stay dry

5 Stars Who Fixed Another Stars Dress

Priyanka Chopra had husband Nick Jonas to help fix the train of her dress at the Fashion Awards in

Alexander noticed that Margots outfit was living dangerously and stepped in earning a hug

Chrissy Teigen also had husband John Legend to give her a helping hand at the Oscars

Maisie Williams received an assist from Game Of Thrones co star Sophie Turner at the Golden Globes

But what if you need help with your dress on a red carpet and there are no assistants around

Red carpet assistants are commonplace especially when you are Rihanna and wear a giant dress to the Met Gala

If you are Kriti Sanon in a purple ballgown you might be lucky enough to have Sidharth Malhotra behind you

5 Stars Who Fixed Another Star’s Dress