A Beautiful Love Story : Jennifer Lopez Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend Ben Affleck Again

Author: Yuvi February 19, 2022

Ben Affleck and JLo at a screening of The Last Duel. (Image courtesy: AFP)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – Hollywood’s new-age couple started dating again in 2021. Gigi’s co-stars got engaged in 2002. However, it did not work then. JLo said in a recent interview with People that she considers herself “lucky” to have got a second chance with the actor. She told People, “I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him.” The singer described her relationship with Ben Affleck with these words: “It’s a beautiful love story that gave us a second chance.” The star couple made their relationship official on Instagram last year on JLo’s birthday.

Here’s a little background on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s dating history. The Gigli co-stars got engaged in 2002. However, it ended in a split two years later. JLo and Ben Affleck were married (and divorced) to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner, respectively. They also broke ties with their respective partners last year. JLo was previously dating Alex Rodriguez while Ben Affleck was with actress Ana de Armas.

The rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started when they were spotted on a one-of-a-kind vacation in Montana in mid-2021. The couple was also reportedly spotted at JLo’s Miami Beach house. Also, they were reported to have sneaked into the couple’s kiss in the middle of a workout session.

They made their relationship official on Instagram last year on JLo’s birthday. They also gave many red carpet appearances together. The stars were seen together on several occasions, including the Met Gala.

Last year, Ben Affleck received major criticism on social media for blaming his ex-wife for alcoholism. Later there were reports that Jennifer Lopez was upset with Ben Affleck’s statements. JLo denied the rumors and told People, “This story is absolutely not true. That’s not how I feel.” She said, “I couldn’t have more respect for Ben as a father, co-parent and a person.”

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