Hot Video Posted by Ashima Narwal

Author: Nishu February 7, 2022 Hot Video Posted by Ashima Narwal !!

Ashima Narwal starred in the Tamil film ‘Killer’ starring Vijay Antony and Arjun. She has worked in the modeling industry and has won two beauty pageants, including ‘Miss Sydney Australia’ and ‘Miss India Global’. 

      After her achievement in modeling, she got Bollywood film opportunities. She made her screen debut in Telugu in 2018 with the film ‘Natakam’ starring Ashish Gandhi. In this film, she became famous among the fans by revealing her attractive performance. This was followed by the success of the film starring Jesse in the horror film. Following this, the film released in Tamil is Killer. 

Hot Video Posted by Ashima Narwal !!
Hot Video Posted by Ashima Narwal !!

Currently, Big Boss is starring with Aarav in the Tamil film ‘Raja Bheema’. The film is directed by Naresh Sampath. This film will be a film that talks about the friendship between man and animal. The movie will be released soon as the songs of the movie have been released.

Ashima used to post her photos on social media. However she is currently 

She has posted a photo and a video of herself looking like a forerunner in a modern outfit. Zoom in on the beauty of her lips and entertain the eyes of the fans. “Is this Utada Illa Javvu Mittaya?” 


7 February, 2022, 10:26 pm

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