Actress Swathi Satheesh’s face is very swollen due to root canal surgery

Author: Yuvi June 20, 2022 Actress Swathi Satheesh's face is very swollen due to root canal surgery

New Delhi: Kannada actress Swathi Satish is facing a difficult situation in her career. The actress recently went for root canal treatment, but her face was swollen and suffered almost unrecognizable health problems. According to reports, his condition remains the same 20 days after the procedure.

According to the actress, the dentist informed her of the common side effect and promised that the swelling would disappear in a few hours. However, to Swati’s shock, his health deteriorated day by day, while his face was swollen two weeks after surgery. Meanwhile, photos of his swollen face have surfaced online and stunned Netizens.

According to a Kannada news channel, Swathi has accused the hospital of medical negligence and is reportedly considering legal options against the group. Meanwhile, his current status calls into question his professional responsibilities. The actress could not leave the house with a swollen face and thus, could not advertise her upcoming plans.

According to recent reports, Swati is reportedly being treated at a different medical facility for her swollen face. After being treated at another hospital, the actress is now recovering. The actress is famous for starring in films like ‘FIR’ and ‘6 to 6’.

Just last month, popular Kannada TV actress Chetana Raj died of complications caused by a failed plastic surgery. The 21-year-old underwent fat-free cosmetic surgery at a private hospital in Bangalore. However, after he had complications, he was transferred to Cate Hospital. But police said he died soon after, unable to breathe, as his lungs were filled with water. His parents blamed the hospital for medical negligence.

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