‘Amber Heard’s chemical defect with Jason led to role reduction in Aquaman 2’

Author: Yuvi May 22, 2022 Amber Heard's 'lack of chemistry' with Jason Momoa led to reduced role in 'Aquaman 2', claims her agent

WASHINGTON: Hollywood actor Amber Heard’s agent has claimed that his role in ‘Aquaman and the Last Kingdom’ was reduced because of a ‘chemical defect’ between him and Jason Mamova. According to Fox News, Herd’s agent, Jessica Kovasevic,’s role in the Johnny Depp’s defamation trial on Friday was greatly affected by the ongoing clashes with Depp, which shed light on Heard.

He testified that he was contracted to earn $ 2 million for the ‘Aquaman’ series, which has already finished filming and is set to hit theaters in March 2023. “The agent added that Warner Bros. removed Heard’s character because of a defect. The chemistry between her and Jason.”

He said Heard got the news of the reduced role while he was reading the script.

When asked about Heard’s malicious career, his agent replied, “In my experience … your business will take a turn after that.”

According to Fox News, Kovasevic lost his role at Amazon due to bad journalism, and to his knowledge, “no performance issues” were raised against Heard in the first Aquaman. The movie.

Amber Heard first starred in the 2017 film `Justice League` and then made her debut as Mera the next year as the` Aquaman` franchise.

22 May, 2022, 8:16 am

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Sunday, 22nd May 2022

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