Saritas character was dressed in a belted saree for the Diwali episode of the Sex And The City revival

Sarah Jessica Parkers Carrie Bradshaw wore a lehenga as well

And Just Like That, Sarita Wore A Saree

In true Carrie style she went all out with flowers in her plaited hairdo

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This is the first time that Saritas character has been dressed in keeping with her heritage

Sex And The City was known for its fashion – Sarita Choudhury gets to dress up with Carrie and gang

And Just Like That star Sarita Choudhury was spotted in a Tarun Tahiliani saree in the show recently

The episode featured several desi fashion references like a lehenga

As real estate agent Seema Patelher style is generally tailored and sharp

And Just Like That, Sarita Wore A Saree