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Author: Nishu January 9, 2021 cine-news-hub-anjana-serialactress

Born and raised in Chennai, Anjana completed her school and college education there. In 2008, Anjana was awarded the “Miss Logo” award. This award is given to the most talented and elegant stars of Tamil TV. Despite a lot of cinematic opportunities, Anjana strictly avoided acting.


Love for Chandran, the actor who went to win the award for the film Kayal, when he saw Anjana hosting the show. Anjana, who showed the green flag a few days after falling in love with Chandran, took him by the hand in 2016.


She is now back as a hostess after getting married and having a baby.

She recently did a Hot Photoshoot on her saree on Instagram and uploaded some of those photos. Fans who saw this commented, “The kayak that was left to touch the cargo will be poisonous, Anjana Rangan”.

9 January, 2021, 12:45 am

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Saturday, 9th January 2021

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