Arya Babbar’s verbal argument with pilot takes him to the cockpit, actor releases in-flight video – watch

Author: Yuvi February 23, 2022

New Delhi: Arya Babbar, son of veteran actor Raj Babbar, got into a war of words with a pilot over a joke. Arya released an in-flight video of an incident in which he had a fight with GoFirst’s pilot, formerly GoAir, about a joke he allegedly made when the former was entering the plane.

When the pilot called him inside the cockpit, Arya Babbar said that the joke was for his friend. The pilot can be seen asking Arya, “I heard you say ‘Yeh kya chalega’, to which Arya Babbar replied, “I just told him ‘Bhai yeh abhi aaya hai’?”.

The controversy is shared in the video where Arya even asks the pilot if he wants to take him off the plane, to which the latter says he never said so. The pilot then offers a handshake which Arya refuses, saying, “I don’t want to shake hands with you. You want to show your power and you want me to get up from my seat and come here to talk to you when your There’s a crisis nearby.”

In another similar incident, actress Chitrangada Singh also criticized GoFirst Airways for being rude to passengers on her social media. She shared screenshots of her horrific experience and revealed that the air hostess was treating the passenger sitting next to her extremely poorly.

Due to both these incidents on separate occasions, many people commented on the post of the celeb and supported him. Many people have shared their own experiences as the above mentioned airlines have received massive criticism online.

23 February, 2022, 9:43 am

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Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

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