The famous trekking point in Karnataka is home to dense foliage native fauna and flowing streams which come to life during monsoon.

Best Treks During The

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The trail in Raigad isnt very steep but can be intense. The stunning plunge waterfalls at the end are a great reward for this energising trail.

The Maharashtrian trail will take you through scenic paths and dense jungle area which are home to wildlife like langurs deers.

The journey to Coorgs highest peak is a scenic one with coffee estates. Majority of the route is comfortable but has narrow steep points.

The trail in Karnataka comprises rocky hills. It is ideal for beginners as it can be covered in a couple of hours.

A popular trekking site in Pune the route to Sinhagad Fort is glistening and green during the rains and takes a couple of hours to complete.

The almost milk like waterfalls in Goa are a popular choice even from surrounding states where you can trek to the base of it.

Best Treks During The Monsoon