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The ‘Romans actress also follows the official Instagram page of BTS

Actress Rima Kallingal is one of the genuine followers of BTS

Mollywoods favorite singer Sithara follows BTS on their official Instagram handle

BTS Celebs who love the K pop band

Anaswara Rajan also follows the official social media handle of BTS

Renowned Mollywood music composer Shaan Rahman is also an admirer of the K pop band

The ‘Forensic actor is one of the celebrity followers of BTS

The ‘CBI 5 actress is also a follower of ‘BTS

Anarkali Marikar is also a fan of BTS and follows them on their Instagram page

In an interview AR Rahman opened up that he has a genuine admiration for the K pop band ‘BTS

BTS/ Celebs who love the K-pop band