Together its a classic combination that never goes out of style as chic Parisiennes know

On ‘Emily In Paris Camilles style is both tres chic and tres cool

Or a slick or red lipstick and voila French girl style level – super max

Camille can make jeans high fashion when she needs to

French Girl Style

Camille who plays an uber Parisienne of the same name in ‘Emily In Paris was part of the LOreal contingent

French actress Camille Razat star of ‘Emily In Paris lit up the Cannes red carpet this year

White makes an appearance to balance out the mood

Off screen too Camille is the quintessential French girl – black is the highlight of her wardrobe

And keep them super casual at other times

She knows the value of a great shoe – here her moms boots

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Top it all off with a black Gavroche the ultimate French hat

Camille’s Fabulous French Girl Style