The popular hill station is charming with the Nilgiris surrounding it making it a great escape. It is so for the loved up Bhatt family too

While filming in Srinagar Alia Bhatt spared some time to do touristy things with her besties like boating on the Dal Lake

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Alia Bhatt has an adventurous side to her as well and enjoys jungle safaris just as much

Ranthambore in Rajasthan was Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoors pick to ring in 2021 deep in the jungles

LA is where Alia Bhatt feels most at home and were not surprised considering the glam diva she is

Celeb Travel Diaries Alia Bhatt

With or without Ranbir Kapoor New York has Alia Bhatts heart and she is seen here often

Known for its history and party culture Berlin makes for a fun getaway for many including Alia Bhatt

Offbeat travels are Alia Bhatts favourite and Bulgaria tops the chart when on work plus vacation with friends

Celeb Travel Diaries Alia Bhatt