Check out Top 5 Topsy Pictures:

Author: Yuvi June 22, 2022 Check out Top 5 Topsy Pictures:

New Delhi: Actress Topsy Bannu has once again captivated fans with her performance. Prior to entering Bollywood with the critically acclaimed film ‘Pink’, the versatile actor worked extensively in South Indian cinema. The actress is currently making headlines for her impressive role in one of the most anticipated films ‘Shabash Mithu’, in which Topsy plays Mithali Raj, the former captain of the Indian women’s national cricket team. .

Below are pictures of our topsy mane.

Check them out:

1. Shabash Mithu

Mithali Raj is best known for her 23-year international career and over 10,000 runs in ODIs. The film revolves around her journey to become a great cricketer and an inspiration to billions of women and girls around the world. The trailer highlights the dialogue ‘Nazaria Patlo, Gale Badal Gaya’. The trailer depicts the community’s view of a woman playing a game and a man playing it. The film is sure to inspire millions of women who want to make their dreams come true. The film pays homage to the recently retired icon.

2. Pink

The film emphasizes a woman’s own sexual rights. Pink highlights the dark side of our culture that most of us are unaware of, and it also highlights how women are blamed even when they are victimized. In the end women succeed in overcoming all contradictions, encouraging women to rise above the dominant norms of society.

3. Sant Ki Ank

This autobiographical film tells the inspiring story of the world’s oldest female shortshooters, Chandro and Prakashi Tomar, who took a sharpshoot in their 60s, regardless of age. They shoot after working in the fields for decades, giving birth to children and doing household chores that have never been the case. The film took women’s power and gender equality to another level.

4. தப்பாட்

This is the story of all Indian women and their silent suffering, which is normalized from the birth of a girl. Tappad portrays that it is very important to stand up for yourself, even if the world goes against you.

5. Rashmi Rocket

After winning the race, the film takes its main plot from the real life story of the disqualified Dooty Chand, who is diagnosed with high testosterone (hyperandrogenism).

The film brings forward the real test of patriarchal society and gender equality.

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