Condoms are more expensive than TV in THIS country, a packet costs Rs 60,000!

Author: Yuvi June 13, 2022 Condoms are more expensive than TV in THIS country, a packet costs Rs 60,000!

In many countries, condoms are supplied free of cost by the government. In many countries, abortion is prohibited. There are different types of laws on this. However, recently, the price of condoms in Venezuela has caused a stir all over the world. It is learn that a packet of condoms in that country now costs around Rs 60,000.

You’ve ever heard that condoms cost Rs 60,000. There are various types of renowned expensive condom brands. However, you’ve never heard of such an expensive condom. However, the price of ordinary condoms in Venezuela has reached the point with which anyone can buy Television of a reputed brand. A packet of condoms is being sold at a store in Venezuela for Rs 60,000. There has been an uproar all over the country. The news has gone viral on social media.

It is known that abortion is prohibited in Venezuela. If someone does so in that country, there is a law to punish him/her severely. According to the UN’s State of World Population Report 2015, Venezuela has the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases. Venezuela is one of the leading Latin American countries in this regard.

In one such country, the price of condoms has recently reached 60,000 rupees. However, it is not yet known why the price of condoms in that country has reached such a place. In the meantime, the price of Venezuelan condoms went viral on social media.

In countries like Venezuela, where the level of pregnancy as a teenager is the highest, and at the same time there is a ban on abortion, the price of condoms has exceeded the level. As a result, the common people of that country have their hands on their heads. No proper action has been taken by the government of that country yet.

Author: Yuvi

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13 June, 2022, 12:51 pm

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Monday, 13th June 2022

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