Difficult to keep quiet: Natalya Ilina, wife of Rahul Mahajan writes note on Ukraine-Russia crisis

Author: Yuvi February 27, 2022 It’s hard to keep quiet: Rahul Mahajan's wife Natalya Ilina pens note on Ukraine-Russia crisis

New Delhi: Amid the Ukraine-Russia crisis, Rahul Mahajan’s wife Natalya Ilina, who is partly from Russia and partly from Ukraine, has now penned a note in the war zone. On Instagram he wrote that his grandfather was Russian and his grandmother was Ukrainian.

She said that seeing the Russians go against the Ukrainians, it was as if her family was being forced to fight against her own family.

Natalya wrote on Instagram, “My grandmother was Russian and my grandfather was German. My maternal grandfather was Russian and my grandmother was Ukrainian … my family was originally formed as a child of WW2 … where the Russians went against the Germans Were… Right now, looking at the Russian people against Ukrainians Feels like family pressured to fight against their own family. My heart is torn to pieces. It’s hard to keep quiet and it’s hard to comment “

See his post here:

He further wrote, “I have extreme feelings about the situation and I check the news and check friends like my family who are currently in Ukraine. I can’t take sides. I’m on the side of humanity. I I am Russian and I am Ukrainian as much as I am German. My heart is with both. And I only wish and pray for #peace and #new.”

Natalya Ilina married reality TV show star Rahul Mahajan in 2018. She is the second wife of Rahul after Dimpy Ganguly and Shweta Singh. Controversial star Rahul Mahajan was accused of domestic violence by his previous wives.

27 February, 2022, 11:01 am

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Sunday, 27th February 2022

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