Exclusive Interview: BB 16’s Soundarya Sharma Says Everyone Was Afraid Of Her, Calls Tina Dutta ‘Idiot’

Author: Yuvi January 24, 2023

Exclusive Interview: BB 16's Soundarya Sharma Says Everyone Was Afraid Of Her, Calls Tina Dutta 'Idiot'

New Delhi: The Bigg Boss 16 weekend ga vaar was a turbulent ride this week as it revolved around hidden secrets and hard truths. Also, the housemates decided among themselves about the eviction and the results were very clear. in Tina Dutta, Soundarya Sharma and Shalin Bhanot; Soundarya was voted out by the housemates and she was evicted.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee News Online, Soundarya opened up about her unfair eviction. He even talked about Tina Dutta and Priyanka’s brainchild. To know more read:

Q- Do you think your eviction was fair?

A- No, my eviction was not fair, of course, the intention of eviction was through votes and not through the housemates, they evicted me because they felt threatened by me. They thought that if I am in the game, I will not support Shiv and Priyanka because they are not really active in the tasks either, Shiv you can say a little but Priyanka, not so much. These two always had backups, she brought in someone from outside and he made his own ‘Mundli’. They voted me because they knew I was a strong competitor, what’s the point of fighting when you can’t do it with someone stronger than you. Since I am not a famous face and still get many votes and am good at acting, they are all very afraid of me, so of course they felt threatened and voted.

Q- Do you think Priyanka deserves to win, at least be nominated?

A- She has her own vote banks, earlier she had Ankit, now she has Tina and Shalin. She thinks she’s the winner, but I don’t think so. If they hadn’t voted for me, I would have won. She is very smart and plays with comfort, and if things go right, she will be recommended as she should be. But I have to say that the way Shalin and Tina bullied him, no matter what he did, was wrong, never leaving a man to step up in a game. Now things are getting worse, it’s wrong but as I said earlier, ‘Sabki Pardeen Gul Rahi Hai Up…’

Q- How was your experience on Bigg Boss 16, any particular event?

A- It was truly amazing, it was emotional, challenging, surreal, full of surprises, I will always be grateful for this opportunity and will never forget it. I made some wonderful friends there. I respect them all very much. For me, the best moment was when veteran actor Dharam G named me the ‘Dream Girl’ of Bigg Boss 16, that was very special.

Q- Who do you think is the winner of this season?

A- Well, I could have been but honestly, Archana can do it because she’s so big and so can Nimri. I’d say relax, may the best win.

Q- How sincere and genuine was the bond between Shalin and Tina and who was the better of the two?

A- These two don’t really matter to me so I don’t want to comment on what they had or have. They are both idiots and have said so many things about me that they are the least. Tina being a woman, she would never entertain any wrong thing she hears about another woman.

Author: Yuvi

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24 January, 2023, 5:49 pm

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Tuesday, 24th January 2023

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