Exclusive: ‘Spiral – The Vortex Season 2 Idea Is So Strongly Sown’

Author: Yuvi June 23, 2022 Exclusive: 'Spiral - The Vortex Season 2 Idea Is So Strongly Sown'

New Delhi: ‘Suzhal – The Vortex’, one of the most talked about Tamil web series, is making waves on OTT. Many celebrities including Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Vidya Balan, Bhoomi Bednekar, Vikrant Massey, Hansel Mehta and Anurag Kashyap. The series has been on the fan list since it premiered on Amazon Prime Video on June 17, 2022. The show stars Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, Shriya Reddy and Radhakrishnan Parthiban in the lead roles.

K. Did you expect such a response from celebrities in the industry?

A. Pushkar – Not really, no. At least not this soon. I know our group of friends will see this in the first week or second weekend and will get their comments and all back to us. But we don’t think people in the industry will see this so soon. So respond to it with generosity.

Gayatri – Yes, I mean, that alone made us very happy.

K. What led to the formation of the vortex?

A. Pushkar – I think we are going to do something that will last a long time as we have been watching shows from all over the world and there has always been a need to host an Indian show like this. So I think it will be a motivation. So there was a script, it didn’t apply to a movie, and then there was this need, we were watching a show from Korea, we were watching a show from South America. Where is that Indian show we want to watch? I think that’s what led to this.

K. Are you planning Season 2?

A. Gayatri – Yes, we are, in fact, research work is underway and writing has started, in fact now we are looking at all the feedback.

Pushkar – Yes, that is, the idea is very strongly planted. Now it’s about putting the pen to paper.


A. Pushkar – We hope it will cross languages ​​and travel across the country to other parts of the world. Do we know if that will happen? Only time will tell? But we hope it will please.

K. Which actors do you expect to work with next?

A. Pushkar – Who is right for a particular character we are writing about, I think that is the starting point where you can still go. This is the story, this is the character, who is the right person to act in it now. It’s more of a process than a start, hey, I love working with this actor. Now. Can I make a story for him?

K. Tell us about your future plans

A.Pushkar – Vikram Veda is currently in post production and is slated for a September 30 release at the end of September. What’s next? Now, we have no clue. We have two scripts that are in a very advanced state. So let’s write them down and then see how it falls into place.

Author: Yuvi

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23 June, 2022, 5:05 pm

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Thursday, 23rd June 2022

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