EXCLUSIVE: TV Stars Aditi Sharma, Adnan Khan Reveal Their Biggest Achievement From ‘Katha Angahee’

Author: Yuvi February 2, 2023 EXCLUSIVE: TV Stars Aditi Sharma, Adnan Khan Reveal Their Biggest Achievement From 'Katha Angahee'

New Delhi: A show about love, guilt and redemption, ‘Katha Angahee’ revolves around ‘Katha’ who is penniless for the treatment of her son Aarav for blood cancer. On the other hand, ‘Vian’ is a cold-hearted guy who has had bitter experiences with women in the past. When their paths cross, Kata is forced to give in to Viaan’s demands, which puts them both in a very different relationship, and neither of them can escape each other. What happens next is the crux of the story. The show stars Aditi Sharma in the title role of Katha, while actor Adnan Khan plays the role of Viaan.

During an exclusive interview with Zee News Digital, Aditi and Adnan spoke in-depth about what made them agree to the show, the huge expectations that come with being on television and how to deal with the pressures.

Q – Since ‘Katta Angahee’ is not a daily soap, what made you both say ‘yes’ to the show?

Aditi – If I get a different opportunity, I would like to act on television, ‘Katha Angahee’ is one such show. I really liked the concept of the show and how the story between Kata and Viaan was not a love affair.

Adnan – I am not a future planner; My previous show (Ishq Subhaan Allah) had just finished and I was looking for a new opportunity to act. Since Sony is so different in their content, I was willing to explore and try out their shows. Secondly, I agreed to the show because the production house is huge and the cast is great (points at Aditi).

Q – Since you have both worked in films and web series, does that experience influence your preference for television as there is a lot of difference between television and other mediums?

Aditi – Looking forward to the correct content. Yes, we have to compromise on quality when engaging in television due to time constraints which does not happen in movies or web series. But if television is implemented it will be beautiful. It has mass reach and people identify with you based on the character, which is a huge hit from TV. There’s an area where I’m invested in the character, and I’m very defensive about it.

Adnan – I’m not much of a future planner, so I don’t think about it much. Aditi told me, “We have characters within us, and performances come and find us.” So some days I actually think like them.

Q – Since this is an adaptation of the Turkish show ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, have you seen the original show?

Adnan – This is a strict number. I didn’t want to follow them, so we chose not to watch it.

Aditi – This is a mutual decision of the group. We wanted to take it as a new story as it has been adapted to Indian standards. But I would like to see after our show.

Q – It’s been two months and it’s been great, so what do you think is the USP of the show?

Adnan (laughs pointing at Aditi)- She is USP.

Aditi – I think our director is amazing. So even though the characters do weird things, they are very real and that’s what draws the audience in.

Q – Since your past shows ‘Ganga’ and ‘Shilsila Badalde Rishtan Ka’ deal with important issues like child widow remarriage and infidelity, do you really choose impactful stories?

Aditi – It appeals to me as a person. All the characters I have ever played on television have one thing in common. So in a good way, the characters choose me and I choose them. This is my third show and I am really motivated and connected with my characters. On a subconscious level, yes, I like issue-oriented shows.

Q – As television is a predominantly female industry, how do you stand out as a male actor?

Adnan – I think your performance can break barriers. So I don’t even think about it. You only give your best.

Q – There is a lot of pressure to maintain TRP on a regular basis and you have to face it at different points in life. So how does it affect you?

Adnan – In my previous show, we started on such a high note that I didn’t realize the importance of high TRP. So, when it started to dip, it was kind of demotivating and everyone was going around the blame game. But I realized that you have to give your best regardless of ratings. We are here to perform first; Fame, money and TRP will come later.

Aditi – I think whether 50 people are watching or 800 people are watching, it should not decide your performance, you should always do the same. So, I don’t accept that pressure. Yes, TRP decides how long the show lasts, but that doesn’t bother me.

‘Katha Angahee’ airs every Monday-Friday at 8:30 PM on Sony Entertainment Television and digitally on Sony LIV.

Author: Yuvi

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2 February, 2023, 8:25 pm

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Thursday, 2nd February 2023

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