Gandi Baat fame actress Flora Saini enters Metaverse, launches new app

Author: Yuvi March 2, 2022 Gandii Baat fame actress Flora Saini enters Metaverse, launches new app

Mumbai: Actress Flora Saini, who has featured in films like “Stree”, “Inside Edge”, “Made in India” and many more, recently jumped on the metaverse bandwagon with her own offering called “Floraverse”. will be called.

She also launched a new app which is all set to bring her closer to the fans.

Flora says: “I am creating my own virtual metaverse which will be named Floraverse. I will also launch NFT which will be a part of my virtual world where my superfans can interact with me and learn more about me The idea is to create a 360-degree landscape of my ecosystem.”

This will include his digital artwork NFT, which he created in collaboration with US-based tech firm Fanori Inc. Floraverse will give Flora fans and superfans an opportunity to interact with her in virtual meet and greet events. It will also give their superfans a chance to gift and buy special Flora memorabilia.

This metaverse will be integrated into his new app. The unique social feed of this application will empower fans to have meaningful conversations with him, as well as provide exclusive content, contests and gifts.

Flora says: “Nowadays every content creator is facing the challenge where they don’t have their own ecosystem. I thought of this idea a few months back. The idea came from the international market, where many That’s what the creators are doing. My idea was to bridge the gap between my fans and me where it’s a game for me to own my ecosystem for better engagement.”

“The idea came where the challenge is impossible to meet all my fans humanely. In the metaverse space I can come through with my own digital assets as well as through NFTs. It would give me the freedom and the opportunity to stay well connected. Maybe with my fans. I brainstormed with my technical partner, Fanori, and we finally started working on the idea,” the actress adds.

Flora has also launched her own app, which she says is the idea behind the app to create a platform where fans can connect with people they thought they were, just remotely, to bridge that gap. You can see your stars at an event.

“My fans can book a one on one video call with me, they can get anniversary wishes, personalized video birthday wishes I can send them a recorded video, they can buy anything they want a costume etc. They screen But they see their stars and they don’t. I don’t know where they can buy similar products on my app, it’s a very personal experience. Like I was shooting recently in Amritsar, Jaipur, So I can take them with me. I can take them to places where I am shooting.”

2 March, 2022, 2:25 pm

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