Here is the total amount that Amber Heard pays to Johnny Depp!

Author: Yuvi June 25, 2022 Here is the total amount that Amber Heard pays to Johnny Depp!

NEW DELHI: Hollywood actor Amber is set to officially pay $ 10.35 million after he won a defamation suit against Johnny Depp earlier this month.

According to a written order filed Friday, according to Fox News, Heard must post a bond with that amount and interest if he wants to appeal. Following a six-week trial, an arbitral tribunal awarded Depp $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in damages, finding that Heard had defamed him in the Washington Post as a victim of domestic abuse.

Under Virginia law, the penal damages were reduced to USD 350,000, bringing the total to $ 10.35 million.

Heard was awarded $ 2 million by the jury for her counter-claim, which found Depp slandering her lawyer Adam Waltman in press reports.

Fox News, during a brief hearing on Friday, ruled that Judge Penny Ascart gave a two-sided ruling, both of which were subject to 6 percent interest per year. Fighting ex-lawyers appeared even though Deb and Heard were not present.

If Hearr wants to appeal, the judge said he must file a bond, according to a source close to Depp’s team, with $ 10.35 million for a full judgment and 6 percent interest per year.

Hart was spotted shopping at Hamptons on TJ Maxx last week and is reportedly in talks to write a book that will tell everyone, according to Fox News.

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25 June, 2022, 9:34 pm

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Saturday, 25th June 2022

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