HS Prannoy reveals players were sleeping with medals after Thomas Cup win

Author: Yuvi May 16, 2022 HS Prannoy REVEALS players were sleeping with medals after historic Thomas Cup victory

When they left the Indian shores for the Thomas and Uber Cup finals in Bangkok, no player in the Indian men’s team expected them to win their first title. He was expected to win a medal, perhaps a bronze. But a gold medal was beyond his imagination, and that is why late on Sunday the players went to sleep with their medals around their necks.

“We never thought we would win the Thomas Cup; we thought we had a good chance of winning a medal but it was beyond our dreams,” said HS Prannoy, who scored two decisive third singles in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Won matches. To take the Indian team to the final against Indonesia.

“Every player has gone crazy since the win against Indonesia in the final. We had a big celebration, chatted with friends and family and just enjoyed. Most of us slept on Sunday nights with medals around our necks, It is such a beautiful medal, said Prannoy during an online interaction with selected journalists from Bangkok.

The 29-year-old from Kerala said, although Kidambi Srikanth hit the courts for wild celebrations after beating Jonathan Christie in the second singles after India’s 3-0 win against Indonesia, the sense of accomplishment and importance were only in the beginning. It just drowned. on Monday morning.

i want to sleep but i can’t because we are
Worlddddd Championsssssss pic.twitter.com/S5HIg7NIXA

— Prannoy HS (@PRANNOYHSPRI) May 15, 2022

Prannoy said, “It is only now sinking into what we have achieved. This will surely be an inspiration to the next generation of badminton players in the country. They will think that if these people can win the Thomas Cup, So we can too.” said.

Prannoy said it was a very important week and an incredible experience for him and the nine other players who were part of the Indian men’s team as he has never seen such level of bonding between players.

“We will all never forget this week in our lives. I have played in team competitions before and know all these players on the circuit, but this whole week was completely different. Everyone was supporting each other , encouraging and guiding each other. It was a great experience, Pranay said.

Prannoy is scheduled to participate in the Thailand Open in Bangkok this week and will return to India after May 21. Like all other players, he wants to share this joy with his family and friends personally. But before that there is unfinished business of Thailand Open. Expect some more fireworks from the Indian players in Bangkok this week.

16 May, 2022, 6:09 pm

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Monday, 16th May 2022

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