Imtiaz Ali’s crime-thriller ‘Shi 2’ leaked to Tamilrockers, Moviruls.

Author: Yuvi June 18, 2022 Imtiaz Ali's crime-thriller 'Shi 2' leaked to Tamilrockers, Moviruls.

New Delhi: The second part of Imtiaz Ali’s hit web-series ‘Shi’ was released on June 17 on Netflix. However, there is bad news for Imtiaz Ali’s fans. The series has been leaked online on various OTT sites. The series starring Aditi Bohangar as the heroine is said to have been leaked on the internet.

According to a Bollywood Life report, the crime drama web series ‘Shi2’ is now available on various pirated websites such as Telegram, Moviruls, Filmzilla and Filmwab. ‘Shi2’ is available for viewing, streaming and downloading on these piracy sites. These phishing websites are very fast when leaking the latest content.

The first series follows the story of a poor female constable Earth, who secretly goes to defeat an underworld gang. As part of the mission, Bhumika goes undercover as a prostitute in Mumbai. Meanwhile, at home, Bhumika has to fight with her drunken husband and finish the job of divorcing him. Her mother struggled with the disease and her sister was the only source of income for her family attending college.

Talented Vijay Verma also played a minor role in the first series.

The second series continues as Earth, as a cop by day and hunters by night, as she is attacked by the underworld Don Naik and his power. However, her moral dilemma intensifies when the people she loves are put in danger.

According to actress Aditi, ‘She 2’ made herself very emotional. Speaking about why the filming for this series was so emotional, he said, “During the filming of Season 2, I went into a corner and cried with deep sympathy for what Bhumika was doing. There are so many Bhumikas. In this world, her plight and pain will resonate with so many women.”

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