Indian national Krishna Srinivasan to head IMF’s Asia-Pacific department

Author: Nishu June 9, 2022 Indian national Krishna Srinivasan to head IMF's Asia-Pacific department

Krishna Srinivasan succeeds Changyong Ri whose retirement from IMF was announced on 23 March

Krishna Srinivasan succeeds Changyong Ri whose retirement from IMF was announced on 23 March

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on June 8 announced the appointment of Indian national Krishna Srinivasan as the Director of the Department of Asia and the Pacific (APD) with effect from June 22.

According to the IMF announcement, Srinivasan will replace Changyong Ri, whose retirement from the fund was announced on March 23.

“Krishna is a highly respected member of our fund family and has made many important and innovative contributions to our mission throughout her career at the fund,” said Ms. Georgieva.

Srinivasan has over 27 years of experience in the Fund, starting with the Economist Program in 1994. He is currently a Deputy Director at APD where he oversees the department’s surveillance work on several large and systemically important countries such as China and Korea, and smaller states in the Pacific such as Fiji and Vanuatu.

Ms Georgieva said Srinivasan’s appointment is the culmination of her superior record of leadership in a wide range of departments including the African Department (AFR), the European Department (EUR), the Monetary and Capital Markets Department (MCM), RES, Strategy. Department of Policy and Review (SPR), and Department of the Western Hemisphere (WHD).

Glad that Krishna Srinivasan – a highly regarded member of our fund family – will be the new Director of the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Division. A strategic thinker, innovator, and outstanding people manager, I look forward to working with him. Congratulations Krishna!

— Kristalina Georgieva (@KGeorgieva) June 8, 2022

“This range of work and experiences reflects his career, during which he has worked across the full spectrum of the Fund’s membership, from low-income countries to emerging markets and advanced economies,” she said.

Ms. Georgieva said that over the years, she has built an excellent reputation as a first-class colleague and trusted advisor in her relationships with fund associates and country officials.

“He is known for fostering an open dialogue as a way of building strong relationships and gaining traction with the country’s authorities. Krishna also helped nurture the careers of many fund employees as a coach and mentor. As Director, I know he will continue to provide excellent leadership and mentoring to our membership and staff within and outside the APD,” said Ms. Georgieva.

“He has made a mark as a strategic thinker, innovator, and people manager. In fact, he was one of the first managers to receive the Fund’s Excellence in Leadership Award when it was inaugurated in 2010. In the same year, He was also one of the first to receive the Fund’s Award for Exceptional Effort, which goes above and beyond Krishna’s will to ensure that the Fund is providing the best service for its membership.” He added.

Srinivasan holds a PhD (Hons) in Economics from Indiana University, a Masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the University of Delhi.

Prior to joining the fund, Srinivasan was an assistant professor of economics and international finance at Indiana-Purdue University and an advisor to the World Bank in DC and the Center for Policy Research and Planning Commission in New Delhi.

His extensive research on Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and climate and other economic and development issues has appeared in books, academic journals and media publications.

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