Ishq Express: Ritwik Sahor and Gayatri Bhardwaj share their experience

Author: Yuvi June 27, 2022 Ishq Express: Ritwik Sahor and Gayatri Bhardwaj share their experience

New Delhi: Ishq Express takes you on a romantic journey with the excitement of trains! The story revolves around two young men who meet on a train, Aarav (Ritwik Zahor) and Tanya (Gayatri Bhardwaj) who fall in love as friends. Due to its relevant narrative and heartwarming storyline, the show has received a lot of praise from audiences and critics. The two leading actors share their experience during the filming for the romantic, love series that emanates from different corners.

“Honestly, I always wanted to meet a beautiful woman on the train, but I was only able to do it through this sequel. Shooting on the train helped me to recapture those exciting moments before the epidemic. And emotion. I think people of all ages will resonate with ‘Ishq Express’. Above all, love is a universal feeling. ”

“It was a wonderful experience with the cast and crew as a whole. My most memorable scene was on Marine Drive, where Tanya broke down. It was very difficult to express such personal feelings in front of 50 different strangers at the time. I also had a lot of fun shooting in Kolkata because of the beauty of this old school. I have never been to this city, ”said Gayatri Bhardwaj.

Produced by Ahab Jaffrey (Tausi) and Satish Raj Kasiretti of Lockdown Shorts Studios, Ishq Express, directed by Tanmay Rastogi and Saurabh George Swamy, is now streaming on Amazon MiniTV.

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