“Did the girl who was a candlestick change into a candlestick like this?” – Mouth splitting fans!

Author: Nishu January 10, 2021

Usually there is an image that the cast will be a different model before the screen.
Gavia, who intimidates fans with her performances in serials like that, is on par with the heroine among the youth due to her glamor on the Cut Panna websites.

Bharathi Kannamma, who is playing the character of Arivumani in the serial, is heating up the fans. Equal to cinema actresses, fans who are united on the social web. Kavya is constantly posting her pictures and is active in it.

Also, Kavya Arivumani has posted photos of her thighs visible in a glamorous outfit on her social media sites. Fans who saw this, “Can a girl who was a candlestick become a candlestick like this?” They comment that.

10 January, 2021, 12:36 pm

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Sunday, 10th January 2021

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