Kerala-based rock band Motherjane releases its new EP, ‘111’

Author: Yuvi June 10, 2022 Kerala-based rock band Motherjane releases its new EP, '111'

111, progressive/Carnatic rock band Motherjane’s latest EP, launched on May 21, has been a long time coming. Had it not been for the pandemic, it would have been released in 2020. “I have learned a life lesson through this album, to take the path of least resistance,” says drummer/percussionist John Thomas. “No point in pushing it, when the time is right it will happen. And I am glad it happened now rather than earlier.” Work on the album had been on since 2013-14, with momentum picking up in 2018-19.

This is Motherjane’s third studio release, the last was Maktub in 2008. The gap of 14 years between the two has been punctuated by singles, including ‘Tribes of Babel’, ‘No Contest’, ‘Clayplay’ and ‘Namaste’. 111 has three new songs and ‘Clayplay’. The current line-up includes Clyde Rozario (bass), Niranj Suresh (vocals) and guitarist Anubhav Langthasa. 111 was launched at a concert in Bengaluru.

“The period from 2011-18 was one of turbulence for the band, with members leaving and new people coming in. By 2018 things had settled down and we were set. We needed a stable production team, the combinations were not working,” John explains the reason for the gap between their two albums. If, in the past, adding new members to the line-up was hurried before a gig, this time they decided to take it slow. “More than talent, for a band to be able to play together, chemistry is important.”

Explaining the title of the album, John says it is considered an angelic number and has spiritual significance.

The songs in the album, produced by Rex Vijayan, have that distinct Motherjane sound with its Carnatic influences. “The songs have been carefully designed, with subtle sounds rather than being in your face. I would say it is a modern take on the signature Mothejane sound. In fact, that is the feedback that we have been getting.”

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10 June, 2022, 6:17 pm

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Friday, 10th June 2022

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