Lock Up Day 1 Written Update: Sara Khan, Payal Rohatgi complain about dirty bathroom, no sunlight

Author: Yuvi February 28, 2022 Lock Upp Day 1 written updates: Sara Khan, Payal Rohtagi complain about dirty bathrooms, no sunlight

New Delhi: On the first day of Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up, the contestants started forming alliances and got into a huge argument with each other. It seems that things will get more complicated and difficult for the ‘prisoners’ of this ‘prison’.

Payal Rohatgi was unhappy with the lack of sunlight in the jail and requested the jailer to provide her an area where there is sunlight. While some contestants like Sara Khan and Nisha Rawal agreed with her, others including Munawwar Farooqui felt that she was expecting too much from a ‘jail’.

Later, Karanvir Bohra sends a cute message to his kids through jail cameras asking them to behave till they come home after the show.

The contestants then came into the limelight about their personal controversies and how they didn’t create them but the media did. Sara Khan expressed that the media made her life a controversy when she was just living her life and doing her own business.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj also chimed in and said that he did not do things intentionally to appear in the media, rather he approached them.

Raveena Tandon spoke to the contestants through a screen and told them that she would be their jailor for a day. He also explained some basic rules to them before leaving. Since the house was lacking in facilities, Nisha Rawal suggested that all the contestants share their facilities – an idea that was liked by all.

Later, Payal spoke about her verbal spat with Kangana Ranaut during the premiere, where Kangana called Payal a ‘leech’. She said that she didn’t want to be insulted so she accused Kangana of suppressing other people’s issues as well.

The contestants were then divided into two teams – orange and blue. However, it was not clear what the consequences of this split would be.

On the very first day itself, the contestants were asked to nominate two people whom they felt should not be in jail and go home. Many truths and perceptions of people about each other came to the fore through this task.

The episode ends with an intimate discussion between Anjali, Sidharth and Munavvar, hinting at an alliance between them.

Even though the show has just started, viewers can vote for their favorite contestants by SMS and on both Alt Balaji and MX Player apps.

28 February, 2022, 11:54 pm

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Monday, 28th February 2022

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