Money Heist: Korea tops Netflix’s global non-English rankings

Author: Yuvi July 1, 2022

Money Heist: Korea tops Netflix's global non-English rankings

LOS ANGELES: The South Korean equivalent of the popular Netflix series ‘La Casa de Papal’ – ‘Money Robbery: Korea – Collective Economic Area’ topped the Streamer’s top ten non-English world rankings last week. ‘Variety’ suggests.

According to ‘Variety’, the series dropped on OTT on June 24, which means it has just three days to earn its place in the charts covering the period of June 20-26. In that time, it has been played for 33.7 million hours. The series was also number one in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

‘Variety’ adds that it joins other well-rated Korean shows worldwide for Netflix. The company said that in the first half of 2022, shows including ‘All of Us Are Dead’, ‘Juvenile Justice’ and ‘Business Proposal’ all reached # 1 with a global audience. Last year, Netflix and ‘Squid Game’ helped Korean content reach a new level of consciousness for a global audience.

A major international hit in its own right, the original “Casa de Papel” featured a group of thieves from diverse backgrounds breaking into a Spanish banknote printing facility under the offsite guidance of a mysterious colleague.

The Korean version aims to infuse a layer of Korean cool and visual style into action. It follows when eight thieves stage a spectacular robbery in a mint, this time located in the newly annexed zone between North and South Korea.

1 July, 2022, 12:29 pm

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Friday, 1st July 2022

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