Ms Marvel on-screen parents Mohan Kapoor and Xenophia Shroff talk openly about her!

Author: Yuvi June 24, 2022 Ms Marvel on-screen parents Mohan Kapoor and Xenophia Shroff talk openly about her!

New Delhi: To mark a historic milestone, Marvel Cinematic Universe has unveiled its South Asian superhero at Ms Marvel of Marvel Studios, which is now streaming in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam on Disney + Hotstar, with new episodes appearing every week. The highly acclaimed series stars Pakistani-Canadian debutant Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan or MS. Introduces as Marvel, a teenage superhero who is remarkably rich and drives into new myths that take her to amazing places where she discovers the truth about her past and family.

An avid gamer and avid fan-fiction writer growing up in New Jersey, Kamala is a superhero megaphone, highly imaginative – especially when it comes to Captain Marvel. Her life will take a new turn as she is presented with superpowers that will change her life forever, after she feels wronged at school and sometimes even at home.

Mohan Kapoor, who plays Kamala Khan’s father in the series, said, “Yusuf is a loving, caring, compassionate man, but his wife Muneeba is definitely at the top of the family.”

“He adores Kamala and always encourages her to pursue his dreams. However, his wife is a bit strict. He understands where his wife is coming from, but also understands that she’s a 21st century young teenage girl living in Jersey City. He is trying, ”he added.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Although her father Yusuf is very open to his daughter’s creative aspirations and fascination with superheroes, her mother Muneeba is very conservative and wants to go back to the traditional path with her daughter’s family and her future focus.

Meanwhile, Xenophia Shroff, who plays Kamala Khan’s mother, admitted that her character was “a bad cop for Yusuf’s good bodyguard”.

“Ms Marvel’s story is beautifully written with a beautiful dynamic between Yusuf and Muneeba, but she’s very tough on Kamala. Getting an author to say ‘I was tough on you because I knew how great you could be’ is one of those things. I think Muneeb knows Kamala’s ability and there is something special about her, but she still wants to protect her from it, ”said Zenobia Shroff.

As Kamala stretches the family’s energy boundaries, her brother Aamir, played by Sagar Sheikh, is her partner in softening her parents ’traditional values ​​and expectations.

Commenting on his reel relationship with Kamala, Sheikh said, “He’s kind of isolated and not as funny as he thinks, but I think Kamala gets a lot of jokes from him. They are both stupid in their own ways, but he chooses to focus on his relationship with his fiance Taisha instead of superheroes and artistic motives. Their parents are more strict than you see in the average American family, so he is the mediator between Kamala and their parents. He’s cool, but he can definitely be there when he needs to.

Iman Vellani makes his debut as Ms Marvel and is backed by a diverse and deeply talented cast of actors like Farhan Akhtar, Mohan Kapoor, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher, Zenobia Shroff, Saagar Shaikh and Rish Shah, Kamran, Mehvish Hayat, Samina Ahmed. Laurel Marston with Aramis Knight, Ariane Moyd, pawn Ononokpo, Alicia Rainer, Azhar Usman, Light Knuckle, Nimra Pucha and Travina Sprinker. The series is directed by Adil L RP, Bilal Falla, Meera Mohan and two time Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Sinai, with Pisha K Ali as the lead writer. Meanwhile, along with Sana Aman, the series is being produced by Kevin Faiz, Luis D’Sposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winterbaum, Adil & Bilal and Pisha Ke Ali.

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