Namitha dives into bowl to catch cell phone: Villagers run in panic!

Author: Nishu January 11, 2021 cinema-news-hub-namitha

When the villagers saw Namitha falling into the well, they rushed to her rescue.
Actress Namitha was one of the leading actresses in Tamil cinema. Men call everyone Machan. Vijaykanth made her acting debut in Tamil cinema with the film Engal Anna. He has acted in films like Maha Nadigan, Hey, Bambara Kannale, Order, Coimbatore Brothers, Beautiful Tamil Son, Youth Swing, Pottu.


Namitha, who has acted in a number of films, left the cinema as she was gaining weight. After that he has lost weight and is dominating the cinema again. Why so much, Kamal Haasan attended the first season of the Big Boss show hosted by him.

She is currently starring in the upcoming film Pow Bow, directed by RLV and Matthew Scaria. She is also producing the film. The film is being shot in the jungles near Trivandrum.
Villagers in the area gathered to see Namitha during the filming. Then when Namitha was walking near the well, the mobile phone she was holding in her hand fell into the well. Namitha immediately jumped into the well in an attempt to jump over it.
As a result, the villagers fled in panic that Namitha had slipped and fallen into the well. They have been detained by the film crew. After that it was reported that it was shooting. People have since been evicted from there. However, it is noteworthy that the surrounding area has caused a great stir among the villagers by spreading the news that Namitha had slipped into the well.
Namitha is said to be starring in the action scene in the film. Namitha has posted photos of this on her Instagram page.

11 January, 2021, 12:43 pm

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