Namitha’s Latest Gilma video!

Author: Nishu January 23, 2021 Cine news hub Namita-actress

Formed by Vijaykanth, our brother made his debut with the film and became famous through the film Aye. Since then she has acted in Tamil cinema in the films of many leading actors like Vijay, Ajith, Sarath Kumar, Sathiyaraj, Vijaykanth. He calls everyone Machan just as a pet. That’s why she became so popular.

She has been a judge on private TV shows for some time due to lack of cinema opportunities. She then competed in the 2017 Big Boss show.

Ram Gopal Varma is said to have lost more than 10 kg body weight as she is starring in the film. Thus actress Namitha has been doing strenuous physical exercises.

The video released by him is currently going viral on websites. Sweating in the gym, she took out her entire structure and posted a selfie video saying, “You sweat, I love shimmering sexiness in it.”

23 January, 2021, 12:05 am

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Saturday, 23rd January 2021

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