Nayantharas intense weight training at the gym helps her flaunt her curves and is literally the secret to her perfect shape.

Nayanthara makes sure to drink enough water and reportedly the actor prefers fluids like coconut water and fruit juices.

Nayanthara loves to take sugar but all natural such as vegetables to fruits. Intake of processed sugar is something that she avoids completely.

Nayanthara proudly holds the title ‘Lady Superstar which she gained by playing countless memorable roles in Malayalam Tamil and Telugu industries

Nayantharas fitness routine you should follow

Apart from acting Nayanthara is certainly a role model for fashionistas and her fitness routine is something we should follow religiously

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Here lets take a look at the fitness routine that Nayanthara follows and the real secret behind her ethereal looks.

Nayanthara always follows the rule of eating less and working more. Any doubts Her stunning physique is the proof.

‘Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal actress never skips a day without yoga and you can see all that result reflecting on her flawless body

As per the sources Nayanthara follows a customized diet plan that is set by her fitness expert which helps her in maintaining her weight.

Nayanthara’s fitness routine you should follow