NEW POLL: Dems line up behind Biden while GOP support for Trump slips

Author: Yuvi November 22, 2022

Democrats are lining up behind President Joe Biden for the 2024 election after he managed to stave off a red wave in the midterms while Republican support for Donald Trump is on the decline.

The number of Democratic voters who believe Biden could win the 2024 presidential contest jumped to 71%, up by double digits from the 60% who felt that way in August, a new USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds.

Meanwhile, 75% of Republicans say Trump could win the next election but that’s down 7 points from the 82% who said that ahead of the midterm elections.

Republicans won control of the House in the 2022 midterm elections but it was not a massive pickup of seats that many expected. The GOP will rule by a scant majority. Right now Republicans have the minimum 218 seats to take control with only five races yet to be called.

Democrats, who also kept control of the Senate, credited Biden for holding off a GOP tide.

Democrats are lining up behind President Joe Biden for the 2024 election

Democrats are lining up behind President Joe Biden for the 2024 election

But Republican support for Donald Trump is on the decline

But Republican support for Donald Trump is on the decline

But questions remain about whether Biden should run for a second term given his age.

But questions remain about whether Biden should run for a second term given his age.

The president, who turned 80 on Sunday, is the oldest president to take office.

First lady Jill Biden hosted a brunch for the president at the White House residence on Sunday, posting a pic of Joe surrounded by his grandkids and eating his favorite coconut cake.

White House social media accounts also posted a photo of Biden working in the Oval Office on Monday with the caption: ‘Ready to get more done for American families.’

But some wonder if Biden should follow the example of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, who stepped down from Democratic Leadership in Congress to make room for the ‘next generation of leaders,’ as she put it.

Stuart Jay Olshansky, an expert on aging at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told The New York Times that Biden may be a member of a subset of older Americans who are ‘super-agers,’ with the mental faculties of people decades younger.

‘Age has been weaponized and people from the other party, whatever party you’re dealing with, will always try to say that there’s something wrong with this individual,’ he said. ‘Those of us who study age as a profession say: ‘Stop using age as a weapon.”

Two months before the 2020 election, Olshansky, at the University of Illinois, Chicago, published a paper that predicted both Biden and Trump were bound to maintain their good health beyond the end of this presidential term.

Based on a scientific team’s evaluation of available medical records, family history and other information, the paper further concluded that both men are probably ‘super-agers,’ a subgroup of people who maintain their mental and physical functioning and tend to live longer than the average person their age.

Earlier this month, Biden said: ‘My intention is that I run again. But I’m a great respecter of fate. We’re going to have discussions about it. The president is not expected to make a decision on running until 2023.

He would be 86 at the end of a second term.

Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, said presidential aide Anita Dunn and senior aides have not begun sketching out plans for a 2024 Biden run.

‘These claims are inaccurate. We’re aware there is no deficit of people who speculate, but very few individuals are actually knowledgeable about anything of that nature,’ Bates said.

But other Democrats said Biden is ready to run.

‘As someone with grandparents from Scranton (Biden’s hometown) who have seen them shine in their 80s, the real question is what’s in the water in Lackawanna County?’ Democratic strategist Brendan Martin told

‘The great thing about the big tent Democratic Party is that our leaders know when it’s the right time to pass the torch to a new generation, as seen this week.

‘Now more than ever we need Joe Biden and his experience and empathy at the helm, there is no question in my heart that Joe Biden is thinking about improving the lives of Americans everyday. When the President decides it’s his turn to pass his torch, our nation will be a better place thanks to the bridge of experience and empathy he built for future generations. Happy Birthday and thank you Mr. President.

Max Burns, a Democratic strategist and the founder of Third Degree Strategies, told ‘Biden’s critics have made a habit out of underestimating him, even as Biden prepares to sign a bipartisan law protecting marriage equality and caps off a year that saw a number of signature legislative wins – from the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act to protecting veterans’ healthcare through the PACT Act and confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Trump, who announced last week he would make another presidential bid, could also face questions about his age.

He’s also likely to face a Republican primary contest in 2024.

The GOP candidates that will jostle for a spot on the ticket remain to be seen with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading the list of those likely to take on the 76-year-old Trump. The former president would be 82 when he leaves office if he wins a second term.

‘Biden’s age is likely to remain a subject of discussion, but with Trump now in the race – who is only four years younger – it will be hard for Republicans to argue that Biden’s age matters but Trump’s doesn’t,’ David Greenberg, a professor of history and journalism at Rutgers University and media studies and an expert on American political and cultural history, told

Donald Trump announced another White House run last week with Melania Trump at his side

Donald Trump announced another White House run last week with Melania Trump at his side

But, to some Republicans, it’s not a question of Trump’s age but his divisiveness in the party. Many blamed him for the GOP not doing better in the midterm elections.

Mick Mulvaney, a former loyal Trump aide who served as his chief of staff from January 2019 to March 2020, was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper whether he thought Trump’s announcement was good for the party.

‘No, I don’t,’ Mulvaney said. ‘Because I think he’s the only Republican who could lose.

Mike Pence was one of the biggest names to criticize Trump’s decision, with the former vice president saying yesterday: ‘I think we’ll have better choices.’

Asa Hutchinson, the governor of Arkansas, agreed, saying: ‘Trump is correct on Biden’s failures, but his self-indulgent message promoting anger has not changed. It didn’t work in 2022 and won’t work in 2024. There are better choices.

Chris Christie, a former Trump advisor and Governor of New Jersey, said voters had clearly ‘rejected crazy’ at the ballot box multiple times after MAGA candidates suffered shock defeats in the midterms.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu added: ‘He’s doing it from a place of defensiveness, of his own self-opportunity and weakness. So he’s announcing he’s going to run for president at a low point in his political career. I don’t know how that’s going to work out, man.’

But when Trump announced his 2024 presidential run he ignored Republican critics and those who blamed him for the GOP’s disappointing midterms to go full steam on stating his intent to be back in the Oval Office to ‘drain the swamp’ with the country ‘being destroyed before’ our very lives.

He used his speech to attack President Biden, the ‘radical left’ Democrats, and their record on the economy and the world stage in the two years since he left office.

‘In order to make America great and glorious again, I am today announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,’ he confirmed to huge cheers before laying into the FBI raid, the ‘fake’ dossier,’ the ‘deep state’ and lobbyists.

22 November, 2022, 3:57 am

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Tuesday, 22nd November 2022

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