Old film goes viral with Tarak Mehta’s Babita G Akka before Datta’s killer ABS

Author: Yuvi June 17, 2022

New Delhi: Popular TV show star Munn Dutta, also known as Babita Ji of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Sashma, is an avid social media user who wants to refresh her fans through pictures and videos. He recently dropped a big throwback post from his first 2004 show Hum Sub Bharti and guess what? Fans could not keep quiet looking at his amazing old photo diary.

Old rare photos of Daddy in front

Previously Datta or Babita G wrote under the title: About 2004… Hum Sub Bharati Memories #munmundutta #throwback #throwbackmemories #firstactinggig #humsabbarati #gratitude. His fans dropped comments like ‘awesome post & memories #humsabbarati’, another user wrote: ‘Young, slim and beautiful!’

Datta’s first acting brush started in 2004 before the TV show ‘Hum Sub Bharati’. He made his film debut in Kamal Haasan’s Mumbai Express in 2005, following which he appeared in the 2006 film ‘Holiday’.

She has acted as Babita Iyer in the long running sitcoms on TV ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Sashma’ and it has become a household name since its first launch in 2008.

He has always been a voice for social causes and animal rights. The beautiful-looking actress travels around the world and continues to inspire her fans.

17 June, 2022, 12:23 pm

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Friday, 17th June 2022

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