“If you show it like this, won’t Kamal get angry?” Pooja kumar posed with a side forearm!

Author: Nishu January 27, 2021 Poojakumar posed with a side forearm

Actress Poojakumar made her debut in Tamil cinema in the year 2000 with the film Kadhal Rojave directed by KR. After that she went to America and settled down. Punniyam Kamalhasan, who brought this lost beauty back to the cinema after going to America, will join them.

Kamal Haasan has teamed up with Viswaroopam for the film. She has also acted in Viswaroopam 2.

She has also acted in Uthamavillan starring Kamal Haasan. She also appears on all the shows he participates in.

Netizens have been questioning whether actress Poojakumar has become one of Kamal’s family following her continued participation in Kamal’s house parties. Actress Pooja Kumar has acted in a number of Hollywood films. She has also acted in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.

Poojakumar posed with a side forearm

She uploads her sexy photos on the internet whenever she has time.

People like that and when the time comes everything starts to hit him Sight.

She is currently posing in a one-sided front pose. One of the fans who saw this said, “If you show it like this, won’t Kamal get angry?” He asked.

27 January, 2021, 10:18 am

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Wednesday, 27th January 2021

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