Poonam Pandey’s estranged husband Sam Bombay denies ‘abuse allegations’, hits back!

Author: Yuvi March 4, 2022 Poonam Pandey's estranged husband Sam Bombay denies 'abuse charges', hits back!

New Delhi: Controversial celebrity Poonam Pandey, who is currently inside Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up, recently alleged that her husband abused her and how the beating caused her a brain haemorrhage. Now, her husband Sam Bombay has spoken openly about all the allegations against her.

Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay confessed in an interview to Times of India that he still loves his wife. He said, “Not to worry at all. Our marriage has been beautiful and that’s the only thing I remember. Sometimes it happens that just 10 percent isn’t good in a relationship. Unfortunately, everyone pays attention to that imperfect 10 percent.” Wants to be focused. I took Saat Phere with her seriously. Whatever Poonam is saying is sad, unnecessary and useless. She makes news without talking because she loves being in news.”

On being accused of domestic violence, he said, “Let me tell you that he accused me of molestation and sexual assault on our honeymoon. And, it happened within a week of our marriage. An FIR was lodged. Some Days later, she called me back and said that molestation is a big word and she had no idea what molestation was. It is beyond my understanding how anyone can be accused of molestation on her honeymoon. Later, she Withdrawn the charge. As I said, no one will believe the man, whatever he says doesn’t matter.”

“I never left her. It’s a love story. Forgiveness is part of it. So yeah, we got back together. Even she forgave me. Now, if that’s what she was saying.” Well, if she’s going to talk, I’ll have to do that too, otherwise you won’t get anything bad about my wife from me. I really don’t want to play a short game. If I play a short game, my Have a lot to say too,” he said.

He also mentioned about himself dating other big names. “Loyalty isn’t a big word; it’s the basis of any relationship. Without loyalty there’s no trust and honesty, and then there’s failure. Good guys don’t make it. You have to be a bad guy. That’s how you do it.” is alive. Has she ever complained of cheating on me? I have many relationships with celebrities bigger than Poonam. Has anyone accused me of assault? Never. Has Poonam been accused of assault by other men? Yes. So here’s a pattern. And it’s what the police told me, I had no idea about it.

I married Poonam because she told me that no one will marry the avatar she has created for herself. But then, why is she talking about me on the show? It’s because she wants me to know that she’s thinking of me. We both know about each other because we are still madly in love with each other.”

Poonam Pandey married her boyfriend Sam Bombay in a private ceremony in 2020. The couple took to social media and announced the news of their wedding with pictures as the bride.

Soon after the news of the marriage, he filed a complaint against her stating that he had molested, threatened and assaulted her. The incident reportedly took place in South Goa’s Canacona village where Pandey was shooting for a film and later Sam was arrested.

Sam, born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an advertising filmmaker and producer.

4 March, 2022, 8:49 am

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