Question 5: BSP MP Danish Ali

Author: Yuvi August 5, 2022

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BSP MP Danish Ali objected to the government’s reply on the power situation in the country. He talks to Liz Matthews.

What was your dispute with the answer given by the minister on the power crisis in the country?

The answer is completely different from the ground situation. He says that there is no power crisis in the country, but this is not the situation. If there is no shortage then why is there meeting after meeting between the ministers to resolve the crisis. There were meetings between the power and coal ministers.

Is the answer misleading?

As always, ministers always try to hide the truth and actual situation from the Parliament. It seems that it has become the policy of the government to mislead the House.

What according to you is the cause of the crisis?

I think the government does not have the right policy. Though the power minister is efficient, it seems the government is not able to handle the situation. But this is an artificial crisis deliberately created for the benefit of some corporate houses, who are interested in importing coal.

What about the situation in Uttar Pradesh?

In Uttar Pradesh, the officials were telling the public representatives that the situation in the entire country is bad and the state is not getting the required power supply from the grid. In May–June, the crisis was at its peak, and urban and rural areas had roster to specify the number of hours and the area where electricity supply would be available. District level officials had also formed WhatsApp groups to update the public representatives about the power supply so that they could inform the public.

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Recently, the opposition has raised several complaints against the way the Treasury Bench has answered questions…

Often ministers try to hide the facts. The ministers seem to have no interest in apprising the House of the actual situation. They try to whitewash it with a few words of praise to the Prime Minister. Most of the time, Treasury benches prefer to address the gallery rather than the opposition bench.

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