Reactions to the Russia-Ukraine conflict LIVE | NATO and EU will hold emergency meeting today

Author: Yuvi February 24, 2022 What does Russian recognition for the crisis mean?

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced a military operation in Ukraine, claiming it was aimed at protecting civilians.

In a televised address, Mr Putin said the action was taken in response to threats coming from Ukraine. He said that Russia has no goal of occupying Ukraine. Mr Putin said the Ukrainian “regime” was responsible for the bloodshed.

Several countries around the world have reacted strongly to the move, including the US, the UK; the United Nations has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop his troops from invading Ukraine and “give peace a chance”. And has a strong appeal.

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Here are the latest updates:

India calls for immediate de-escalation, avoiding further action that may worsen Russia-Ukraine crisis

India called for an immediate de-escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine and warned that the situation was in danger of escalating into a major crisis, as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to launch a “military operation” in eastern Ukraine. declare.

The 15-nation UN Security Council held an emergency meeting in Ukraine late Wednesday, the second meeting this week and the fourth since January 31 as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated. -PTI

Biden condemns Russia for ‘unfair attack’

US President Joe Biden is condemning Russia for an “unprovoked and unjustified attack” on Ukraine. He promised that the US and its allies would “hold Russia accountable”.

Mr Biden says he plans to speak to the American people on Thursday after a meeting of the Group of Seven leaders. More sanctions against Russia are expected to be announced on Thursday.

NATO and EU will hold emergency meeting today

Emergency meetings between NATO and EU today, US says it will bring a resolution against Russia’s actions at UNSC today.

NATO and EU to hold emergency meetings today, US says it will bring a resolution against Russia’s actions at UNSC today

— Suhasini Haider (@suhasinih) February 24, 2022

Britain says unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Kiev airport cancels flights

Britain’s ambassador to Ukraine said the country had launched a “completely unprovoked attack” after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a special military operation there.

The Interfax Ukraine news agency said Kyiv’s Zhulyani airport was canceling flights. Earlier, a Reuters eyewitness heard explosions in the capital.

“A completely unprovoked attack on Ukraine, a peaceful country, is coming to the fore. Terrified,” British Ambassador Melinda Simmons said on Twitter. -afp

UN chief urges Putin to ‘give peace a chance’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is asking Russian President Vladimir Putin not to send Russian troops against Ukraine and to “give peace a chance”.

Guterres opened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council late Wednesday, saying the day was full of rumors and signs that an offensive against Ukraine was imminent.

24 February, 2022, 1:53 pm

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