Rocky Sawant police complaint against ex-husband Riteish: Watch the video

Author: Yuvi June 12, 2022 Rakhi Sawant cries inconsolably as she files police complaint against ex-husband Ritesh: Watch video

New Delhi: Actress Rocky Sawant was spotted with her boyfriend Adil Khan outside the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai on Saturday (June 11), where she lodged a complaint with the police against her ex-husband Riteish for hacking, abusing and threatening all her social media accounts. Her. Rocky, who could not be comforted, cried her heart out in front of the media and said that Riteish did not want to be happy with Adil.

In an interview with ETimes, Rocky said, “I came to the police station because my ex-husband Riteish was bothering me so much. He hacked my Instagram, Facebook and my Gmail account. He has registered his number and name in all my accounts. When we were together, he handled my social media accounts and I did not change passwords after we split up. We parted smoothly and I thought he would not take revenge on me. But he is on the verge of revenge. He has made it clear that he will destroy me. Today we are all making money from Instagram account and he has hacked it.

He added, “He did not pick up my phone or even answer my messages. I beg you not to bother me, but he wants to come back to me now that I’m with Adil. He has been writing disgusting things on my account about Colors TV. They will think I am writing. He wants to ban me from the channel and destroy my relationship with Salman Khan. He tells me that last time you entered Big Boss by myself, now I will see how you can enter Big Boss with Adil. He uses the wrong words on Instagram.

Rocky’s boyfriend Adil said they tried to change Rocky’s password, but Riteish set up his email ID as the primary account, so all the OTPs for the password change would go there. He also revealed that Rocky will not be able to access his Google Pay and PhonePay.

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12 June, 2022, 10:45 am

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Sunday, 12th June 2022

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