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Author: Yuvi June 25, 2022

New Delhi: After the US Supreme Court rejected the 1973 Row We Wade ruling legalizing abortion across the country, Haley Bieber expressed her frustration on Instagram. “Aha … I’m not talking. What a serious loss and disappointment. It’s really scary,” he wrote.

In May, Bieber was part of a group of nearly 160 young singers, actors, artists and influencers who appeared in a full-page ad in The New York Times advocating for reproductive rights and condemning the decision to replace Rowe after draft commentary. People said the court’s five conservative judges had leaked to the press.

Supreme Court Ro v. Wade dismissed the case, ruling that states could streamline its practice by removing the nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to abortion. The decision was announced on Friday by a majority of conservative judges. The ruling upholds Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, which directly clashes with Rowe’s demand that states allow abortion for up to 24 weeks.

More than two dozen states, primarily in the South and Midwest, are expected to tighten access to abortions as a result of the Row fall, with 13 states implementing “trigger sanctions” automatically or with minimal effort by state officials, The Hill reported. .1 Roe v. Judgment of the Supreme Court in 1973. The Wade case ruled in favor of pregnant women performing abortions without unnecessary government restrictions.

Planned Parenthood in 1992 v. The outcome of the Casey case largely confirmed the earlier verdict. Writing in the Supreme Court’s written opinion, Judge Samuel Alido said that the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit citizens of the states from regulating or prohibiting abortion, and that Rowe & Casey’s decisions revoked that power.

Author: Yuvi

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25 June, 2022, 5:04 pm

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Saturday, 25th June 2022

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