Rowe V. Wade case: US Supreme Court ruling John Oliver ‘completely …’

Author: Yuvi June 27, 2022  Rowe V.  Wade case: US Supreme Court ruling John Oliver 'completely ...'

New Delhi: John Oliver, the popular presenter of ‘Last Week Tonight’, did not waste time talking about the reversal of the US Supreme Court’s ruling on Ro We Wade, the landmark judgment that legalized abortion in 1973.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on Sunday’s edition of his HBO show, Oliver called the move “absolutely terrifying.” “Now it’s hard to catch some happy answers,” Oliver said, pointing to the Texas Attorney General’s Office, which decided to close its offices at noon on Friday, declaring June 24 an annual holiday for the office. “You don’t get a holiday to celebrate the loss of rights of millions of people when you already have the rights, it’s called Columbus Day,” Oliver added.

He was quoting a statement from the former vice president last week as saying, “Today, life has won.

He also rejected arguments by inverted supporters that adoption or abortion were “reasonable” alternatives in a state where it was legal.

“Even if planned, pregnancy is the best cost scenario, a major medical event that tears your buttocks, tears your organs and then misplaces them. The idea that you can seek another abortion in another state is a disgrace to its face. Some lawmakers are already openly looking for ways to punish out-of-state abortions. Before you even consider that, “he added.

Oliver also argued that this was not valid for “pre-row days”, as some have argued, but was in fact “unspecified territory” because abortion could be prosecuted in states where abortion is currently banned. That is, if anyone suspects that an abortion was not available before the 1973 verdict, investigators can access electronic records, search histories, text messages, and more.

“What the Supreme Court has done now is utterly devastating. The message the Supreme Court is sending is very clear: we do not care if the pregnancy kills you, we do not care if you do not want to be pregnant. We do not care about you at all,” Oliver said.

Author: Yuvi

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27 June, 2022, 3:32 pm

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Monday, 27th June 2022

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