Russia welcomes India’s ‘independent’ stand on Ukraine

Author: Yuvi February 23, 2022 Russia welcomes India's 'independent' stand on Ukraine

Top diplomat says US sanctions will not affect deliveries of S-400 missile systems and other defense equipment

Welcoming India’s “independent” stand on the Security Council’s moves on eastern Ukraine, Russia’s acting ambassador said the new sanctions on Russia will not affect the delivery of the S-400 missile system and other defense equipment procured by India. .

He also emphasized that the ongoing visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to Moscow will not affect relations between India and Russia, adding that the Pakistan-Russia partnership does not envisage defense ties at present, And Russia is firm on its policy that Kashmir is a bilateral dispute.

A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the recognition of the two eastern Ukrainian enclaves of Donetsk and Luhansk, the diplomat determined the Russian position behind the move, which sparked outrage around the world, and punitive financial sanctions and calls from the US, European attracted severe condemnation. Union, UK, Japan and Australia.

At the Security Council, UN Permanent Representative TS Tirumurti had said that India has “deep concern” about the development of the region, refraining from criticizing Russian actions.

“Russia welcomes the Indian position expressed many times in this regard” [Ukraine] Because India is acting according to its position of a global power and takes a balanced and independent position,” said Roman Babushkin, char d’affaires at the Russian Embassy in Delhi. He added that the two countries have held various bilateral meetings, including at the United Nations. and discussed the situation at multilateral levels, and “the Indian partners know well and clearly understand why this [Mr. Putin’s announcement] Happened. Mr Babushkin also suggested that, over time, Russia hopes that its friends and partners “including India” will also recognize the “new republics” of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

According to the Russian diplomat, the new financial sanctions from the US, apart from previous sanctions such as the CAATSA law, will not affect the $5 billion S-400 missile systems deal that is being offered to India. “The project is being implemented in accordance with our agreements and the timelines discussed, and will not be affected by sanctions.”

Mr Khan arrived in Moscow for a two-day visit, which was announced earlier and is due to discuss regional development as well as economic and energy ties with Mr Putin on Thursday. When asked, Mr Babushkin said India has not expressed any concern about Mr Khan’s visit, which is the first by a Pakistani prime minister after 23 years.

In an interview to a Russian television channel this week, Mr Khan heavily criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, accusing the ruling party of adhering to a ‘racist’ ideology towards minorities and the government’s actions in Jammu and Kashmir. accused of criticizing.

“We have independent relations with Pakistan – we have a bilateral and economic agenda – and share a common platform such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). We expect exchanges on Afghanistan as well,” Mr. Babushkin said. “But we don’t expect defense deals to be announced, and on Kashmir, our position remains unchanged,” he told The Hindu.

In a statement earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated its policy of “non-intervention” in Kashmir, which it views as a bilateral dispute to be resolved by India and Pakistan.

23 February, 2022, 9:59 pm

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Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

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