Russian delegation banned at Cannes Film Festival amid Russia-Ukraine crisis

Author: Yuvi March 1, 2022 Russian delegations banned from Cannes Film Festival amid Russia-Ukraine crisis

NEW DELHI: A statement has been issued by the Cannes Film Festival, commenting on the call for a boycott of Russian cinema and saying it will restrict the Russian delegation but not the filmmakers.

According to Variety, the statement said, “As the world plunges into a serious crisis and sees a part of Europe at war, the Cannes Film Festival expresses its full support to the Ukrainian people and all those who who are currently in Ukraine.”

It continued, “As humble as can be, we are joining our voices for all those who are protesting this unacceptable situation and condemning the stance of Russia and its leaders.”

“We have a special thought for the artists and professionals of Ukrainian film words, as with their families, whose lives are now in danger,” the statement said.

The festival said it would not welcome official Russian delegations and “will not accept even the smallest attendance of any institution affiliated with the Russian government.”

However, Cannes said it admires the courage of all those in Russia who are taking risks in resisting the invasion and invasion of Ukraine.”

“Among them are artists and professionals who have never given up fighting against the current regime and will never join this unbearable act and those who are bombing Ukraine,” Kannes said.

In recent years, the French festival has focused on a new generation of politically engaged Russian filmmakers such as Kirill Serebrennikov, whose last two films, “Petrov’s Flu” and “Leto”, have competed at the festival.

According to Variety, Serebrennikov, who is still officially under a three-year travel ban and was accused of embezzlement by the Russian government, is expected to return to the Cannes competition with ‘Tchaikovsky’s wife’ this year.

1 March, 2022, 10:54 pm

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Tuesday, 1st March 2022

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