‘Shakta Express’ ‘feels like the first movie again’ says Anushka Sharma, Learn more!

Author: Yuvi June 21, 2022 'Shakta Express' 'feels like the first movie again' says Anushka Sharma, Learn more!

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is making a comeback to the movies with ‘Sakta Express’ after three years, which was inspired by the life and time of women’s cricket’s all-time great fast bowler Julan Goswami. Anushka has started shooting for ‘Saktha Express’ produced by Clean Slate Films in India and UK.

He says, “It feels like my first film again. I’re so excited to start this journey with the film ‘Sakta Express’ that I truly believe in. This epidemic unfortunately prevents me from returning to the movies despite the itch. Start shooting soon. . ”

It has been reported that Anushka will be going to the UK for the 30-day scheduled shooting of the cricket film.

He says, “This level of film has required tremendous production in all fields and we are pleased to have started with the ‘Sakta Express’ style. ‘Sakta Express’ is a happy script, which aims to release strong statements and I am proud. My producer brother Karnesh Sharma and my director Tell the story of a woman’s fascinating backwardness with Prosit Roy. ”

Julan Goswami has achieved his goal and is the captain of the Indian women’s national cricket team and a role model for aspiring cricketers in the country. In 2018, an Indian postage stamp was issued in his memory. Julan Goswami holds the world record for most wickets taken in an international match.

“It is true that women have to go so far to gain their place in this patriarchal world. The life of Julen Goswami is a testament to the fact that he carved his own destiny and fought for every inch of light and recognition,” says Anushka.

He adds, “I hope I can do justice to this incredible script inspired by Julen’s life and time. I’m excited to challenge myself every day on the shooting of ‘Shakta Express’ and hope I can. Give my best with this film.”

Author: Yuvi

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21 June, 2022, 1:19 pm

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Tuesday, 21st June 2022

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