Shamshera: Ranbir Kapoor On His Lack As An Actor – “Angst. I’m Not An Angry Person”

Author: Yuvi June 24, 2022

Ranbir Kapoor in a scene from the trailer of Shamshera (Courtesy: YRF)

New Delhi:

Actor Ranbir Kapoor on Friday said that he is not an angry person in real life and it worked against him when he played the role of a fearless warrior in his upcoming film Shamshera. Kapoor has collaborated with filmmaker Karan Malhotra for the period action film, which tells the story of a dacoit fighting for independence from his clan and the British.

At the film’s trailer launch event here, Kapoor said that he lacks “nervousness” as an actor and Malhotra had to work extra hard to tap that side of his personality.

“It was very difficult for me (to do this film). Karan held my hand. There is one thing I lack as an actor.

“Karan struggled with anger and we sat together a lot. He was like, ‘How do I get that angry feeling out of you for the character’. He went deeper into my past, into my personal life, because he wanted to tap into me. That side,” the 39-year-old actor told reporters.

Kapoor credits Agneepath (2012) and Brothers (2015) director Malhotra for forming a great creative partnership with him.

“I found a good partner in Karan. It was a very difficult role and there were days when I was like, ‘I can’t do this.’ In addition to the physical stress, the mental stress of playing this role of this high octane world, emotions were on the rise.

“I was like talking to God and saying ‘I’m working hard, please give it back to me’. I went through those days but I’m glad I did. Without a director like Karan, I Couldn’t do that,” he said.

Shamshera Kapoor’s first film as an action hero. The actor said that earlier filmmakers did not approach him for such a part.

The actor said that he is tired of “my comfort zone” and the kind of films he is doing.

“After 15 years in the industry as an actor, you have to keep challenging yourself and push boundaries. No director has really seen me in films like this. I am really grateful that Karan Malhotra offered me this kind of role because I was not getting such offers they usually saw me as coming of age or romantic boy.

“That’s why I jumped at the offer because I knew the film had the potential to speak to a large audience, to an audience who like to go to theaters to experience the film,” he said. .

Kapoor’s last theatrical release was 2018’s “Sanju”, a biographical drama film on the life of Sanjay Dutt, and he now shares screen space with the veteran in his latest film Shamshera.

Kapoor said Dutt was his “first idol, my hero” from childhood.

“I have a poster of him, I know him. He has been a family friend. Then I got to act as him and portray his life. Now I have made him my slave. The journey has been incredible.”

“He treats me like his son, a brother and a friend. He calls me and shouts when I am doing bad films… He also insisted that I should make bigger films and I believe ‘Shamshera’ is a positive step in that direction,” he said.

Dutt, who plays Daroga Shuddh Singh, said he was excited to work with Malhotra again after “Agneepath”, in which he played the iconic villain Kancha Cheena.

“Karan makes ‘ajeeb’ (weird) villains and he gives me such good villain parts. The character is a dangerous and cunning man…

“It’s fun to play these characters. I am very happy to work with Karan. He has a few things on his mind, he likes to make high octane films,” she added.

Vaani Kapoor, who plays Sona in the film, said Shamshera is a “cinematic experience, bigger than life”.

She said, “I have never been a part of a film like this before. I am a huge fan of Karan Malhotra’s previous film Agneepath and I got a chance to work with Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt, whose work has always inspired me. has prompted.”

Malhotra revealed that Yash Raj Films head Aditya Chopra came up with the original idea for Shamshera after writing the screenplay with his wife Ekta Malhotra.

“It was my wife who suggested the title of the film. So that was the beginning of the film.

“I believe that a film like ‘Shamshera’ is the future of our cinema. For theatre-going audience, who enjoy the experience of being in a cinema hall, eating popcorn and samosas and immersing in a new life, This film celebrates all that this should be the future of our cinema.”

Shamshera is all set to hit the theaters on July 22. It will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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