Shefali Shah makes sexist remarks of in-laws on her work schedule, says ‘no one questions when Vipul..’

Author: Yuvi March 4, 2022 Shefali Shah opens up in-laws' sexist remarks on her work schedule, says 'nobody questions when Vipul.."

New Delhi: ‘Human’ actress Shefali Shah is known for her strong personality and die-hard attitude. She has always been passionate and outspoken about her opinion, no matter the status quo. In a recent interview, she talked about facing sexism with her in-laws at home.

She revealed that she will be treated differently when she goes out for a shoot than her husband Vipul Shah.

Speaking about the same, she told Pinkvilla, “I have been picked on a lot by my family. The thing is, I am very emotional, and the way I interact, it will come across on a certain level. Maybe. from your in-laws, but they belong to a different generation. Like, I remember, when Vipul goes for shoots, obviously no one asks questions, but when I am shooting continuously, it seems , ‘You have to shoot again?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Was I just asked this question?’ Or, it’s like, ‘You’ve been shooting for so many hours?’ How does it work, that’s the question your son is never asked?”

She also said that if her husband does a lot of housework, his mother will dissuade him from doing so as he is a ‘big director’. However, Shefali was naturally expected to do so regardless of her standing in Bollywood.

She recalled an incident that portrayed it, saying, “I remember, once, doing profuse dishes. My mother-in-law was standing behind her, and neither of us wanted her to do that. And I remember him saying, ‘Itna bada director baaran ghas raha hai (Such a big filmmaker is washing dishes).’ I thought it was so hilarious. And I’m thinking in my mind, ‘Actress barn ghas rahi hai, ye khayal kabhi nahi aayega (but you will never hear them say that about an actress)’. There is a big director, yes, but what does this have to do with the house? She is also a housewife like me.”

Manav is a fictional series that depicts collateral damage due to fast-tracked drug tests for financial gain that greedily leads to the loss of innocent lives. Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, the Disney+ Hotstar special series is written by Mojaz Singh and Ishani Banerjee.

Apart from Shefali, actors Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava and Mohan Agashe also starred in ‘Human’.

4 March, 2022, 12:12 pm

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