‘Shining Whale’ starring Courtney Cox airs on Lionscate Play from June 10

Author: Yuvi June 9, 2022 Courteney Cox starrer dysfunctional family drama ‘Shining Vale’ to stream on Lionsgate Play from 10th June

New Delhi: The movie ‘Shining Whale’ starring Courtney Cox, Greg Kinnear, Gus Byrne, Dylan Cage, Mira Cervino and Marin Dungey, based on the life of Pat Phelps, who moved from her cramped Brooklyn apartment building to the old mansion in Connecticut. Terry is engaged in a last ditch effort to save his marriage after his affair. ‘Phelps’ tries to save their marriage with severed teenage children and lives in a house haunted by spirits. Here’s how to find out more about them!

Patricia “Bad” played by Phelps Courtney Cox

A former “wild kid”, best known for writing a nasty, drug and alcohol-soaked women’s empowerment novel, Pat is now clean and relaxed, but not completely fulfilled. She is living physically away from her husband as her teenage children now adhere to distance from her. She was a faithful wife until a slippery slope: a bad affair. In a last ditch effort to save her marriage, she and her family move from the city to a large old house in the suburbs, where evil and humor collide.

Starring Terry Phelps Greg Kinnear

Terry Phelps was a sweet, sensitive man who thought he had married the perfect wife, ruined the kitchen island until he had a relationship with their young craftsman, and perhaps his marriage. Terry is willing to do anything to keep his family together, including treating a serious couple to buy an old Victorian home on the outskirts of Connecticut and monetizing all of his assets. Despite his brave face and doable attitude, it is clear that he has some deep resentment, which sometimes makes him look angry, especially when his wife tells him that he believes there are demons in his new home.

Gus Birney played GAYNOR PHELPS

Gus, the 16-year-old daughter of Pat and Terry, is the smartest and most angry person in the world at that awkward moment, especially her mother for uprooting the family from Brooklyn to suburban Connecticut. She is angry at Pat for everything she thinks – most likely she was just like her mom when Pat was her age.

Jack Phelps starring Dylan Cage

Phelps’ son Jake has a severe ADHD and OCD. Deeply humorous and sweet, he has his father’s wrath, which, like everything else about Jake, comes out in weird moments. With a sensitive soul, Jake attracts other sensitive souls – some of whom died at home many years ago.

Rosemary was played by Mira Cervino

Rosemary Pat’s alternative ego, split personality or demon trying to seduce her. Rosemary, who is sometimes playful and sometimes evil and often sad, has been wandering the halls of Pat’s new home for 70 years, searching for a vulnerable soul, through which she can live badly. If Pat allows Rosemary to “live within her”, Rosemary promises that it will help Pat recover his abyss and finish his novel, which is a deal that Pat can hunt for forever.


Com is Pat’s senior friend and book author, who knows and loves Pat more than Pat himself. Com has been with Pat through the heyday of Pat selling his first novel. She’s a person who can rely on Pat for serious love, but Cam has no patience: if Cam does not give Cam the book she can sell, Cam has no choice but to leave her – this time good.

Check out this story of the Shining Valley exclusively on Lionscate Play on June 10th.

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Thursday, 9th June 2022

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