Two rabbits drowning trapped in a web – open space photo posted by Shreya

Author: Nishu January 7, 2021

Shreya Charan, who made her Tamil debut in the film Me 20 You 18. Although Shivaji played a family-oriented woman with Rajini in the film, he still entertained the audience with his wrinkles in the songs. Her dance and glamor will be watched by the fans. Although he had acted in films like Rain, Kutty, The Beginning of the Festival, Beautiful Tamil Son, Pose, Kandasamy, who played in the film, became tired as a result of watching Miao Miao and Alegra play again and again. There are still a few who do not recover from it.

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Shreya Charan, who has acted not only in Tamil but also in Telugu and Hindi films, got married a few months back. The man, who has since been busy posting photos and videos on social media with her husband, is currently down for a photoshoot. Shreya, who has returned as the missing old Panneerselvam, is starting to show her charm as usual.

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In the currently posted photo, she is wearing a black bra and a transparent top. Thus the existing elements look the same. After watching old videos and photos, the youngsters look at this photo and describe it as “a rabbit trapped in a web”.

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7 January, 2021, 11:40 pm

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Thursday, 7th January 2021

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