Siddhant, son of Shakti Kapoor, who was detained in a drug case, has been granted bail

Author: Yuvi June 14, 2022 Shakti Kapoor son, Shraddha Kapoor sister, Siddhanth, gets bail after being arrested for drug consumption in Bengaluru

BANGALORE: Bollywood actor Shraddha Kapoor’s brother Siddhant Kapoor has been released on station bail after being arrested on Monday following medical reports confirming his drug use. The other four arrested were released on station bail, police said. East Bangalore DCP Bhima Shankar Gullet said Siddhant Kapoor and four others should appear before the police. Siddhant Kapoor was arrested by the Bangalore Police for consuming drugs at a dinner party in Bangalore on Sunday (June 11).

Bangalore City Police Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Bhimashankar S Gulet said, “He had taken drugs in Siddhant Kapoor’s medical scenes. We have already arrested him and are following the procedures. We will send him to court custody.” -Off, Sunday night, police raided the venue of a party at a hotel on MG Road. “Last night, a party was going on. We got information that they had taken drugs. We searched and arrested 35 people. No drugs were found on them, but MDMA and cannabis were removed nearby. We will check the CCTV. Check who disposed of it,” he said. DCP Cullet said.

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Samples of individuals suspected of drug use were sent for clinical testing, and Siddhant’s sample turned out to be positive in six. Police said it was not clear if they had taken drugs at the hotel or had come to the party with drugs outside. “Notice has been given to the hotel that we have asked specific questions and they have to answer them. The Bangalore city police have declared war on drugs and this is part of it. Earlier this month, we conducted a test where 34 people tested positive. For drugs,” the Eastern DCP added.

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